Arrangements for Children

Mediating arrangements for your children

You may no longer be a couple, but both of you will always be parents
The end of your relationship can be a particularly difficult and painful time for you and your children.

No matter how the two of you feel towards each other, your children need to know they still have both of you - that you both still care about and love them and that you will both continue to be there for them when they need you.

The way the two of you handle your separation will affect how your children cope with the immediate upset they may feel and how they will fare in the longer term. You may no longer be partners, but you will always be your children's parents.

Many parents find it difficult to communicate with each other when their relationship as a couple ends. The mediator will help you communicate with each other in mediation and can also look with you at ways of communicating well outside of mediation. Like you, the mediator will focus on your children's well-being.

The arrangements you will need to discuss and agree together include:
  • Where your children will live
  • How you can ensure your children can spend time with both of you
  • How your children can continue to have relationships with other family members such as their grandparents
  • How you will share care and how your children can have time with each of you and other family members during school holidays and at other special times
  • How the two of you will share significant information with each other about your children
  • How the two of you will continue to share the costs of bringing up your children
  • How the two of you will communicate and behave towards each other in front of your children
The mediator can help you draw up a Parenting Plan that covers all of these things.
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